About us

A world where luxury and versatility is never compromised. Where our expertise meets your individuality. A world where our craft meets your story.

We endeavor to make the ordinary extraordinary. We represent luxury leather shoelaces at their most refined, with an enduring dedication to unrivaled craftsmanship.


Easter Seals of North Alabama

Giving back has always been in our DNA. That’s why we have partnered with the Easter Seals to help give disabled individuals equal opportunity employment. Through our partnership these individuals will assist in the manufacturing and assembly of our shoelaces. We are proud to work closely with those in our community.


The HeyyMan Studios

The Heyyman Studios has partnered with us to create one of a kind custom-designed shoes for celebrities and athletes. These sneakers are crafted specifically for these individuals to not only show off their unique personality but also their bold fashion taste.  


For us, this is about more than making shoelaces, it's about doing what we love and sharing it with others. Making luxury shoelaces with crazy unique combinations and colors! Thank you for the support and Welcome to the Luxe Brand Family!

Founded in 2015, by the young inspiring entrepreneur Ryan Mason

Size Chart
Inches # Eyelets
36 3-4 Extra Low Top Shoes
45 5-6 Low Top Shoes
54 7-8 Mid Top Shoes
63 9-10 High Top Shoes