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what is luxe brand

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what is luxe brand

    Luxe Brand is the leading branded provider and design manufacturer of trend-setting luxury leather shoealces in the U.S. Luxe Brand's shoelaces are a high quality innovative solution to accessorize footwear.

    The combination of exotic leathers and colorways complement the shoe and the lifestyle of the owner. The leather lace accented with real gold, silver, and nickel plated aglets connects our expertise with their individuality. This company emerged from a timely discovery in the fashion industry and has since gained much traction from inception.

    While Luxe Brand has organically evolved, the brand ethos and core values remain steadfast.

    Luxe Brand quickly soared to competitive heights gaining notoriety. The explosive growth of the name and brand magnified tremendously from here. The momentum has taken Luxe Brand to new levels.

    Media coverage of Luxe Brand has spanned from local news stations to the NFL Network. Pop culture has progressively adopted the laces with legendary actors, notable collegiate and professional athletes, along with rappers endorsing and sporting their laces.

celebs wearing luxe brand

  • Dj Khaled
  • Kevin Gates
  • Antonio Brown
  • Jamiese Winston
  • Marquise Goodwin
  • Delino Deshields Jr.
  • Jason McCourty
  • Devin McCourty
  • Lesean Mccoy
  • Trey Elston
  • James Bradberry
  • Cedric Pendleton
  • Jake Elmore
  • Jarran Reed
  • Dante Moncrief
  • Kevin Seymour
  • Brandon Williams


the partnership

Luxe Brand's laces have shown to increase the value of a shoe by 25%

    As creatives we are constanly looking for the next thing that can take our art to the next level. For sneaker customizers, we want to help you take the next step. The Bespoke partnership is Luxe Brand's way of helping you to take that next step.

    The Bespoke Partnership is exclusive to only the elite of the elite in the sneaker custimization and design industry! (YOU) Membership is free only for you. When you join you will recieve three key benefits.

  • Advanced notice on new releases
  • Unlimited features of your customs on our social media channels
  • Bespoke Partnership exclusive discounts *to be discussed over the phone

" Best shoelaces of all time "

- Willie Thompson

terms & conditions

  • Information exchanged through this partnership is confidential and not to be shared with any third party.
  • The discount given to you is for your use only, and is not to be given or shared with anyone else.
  • We require that you tag our Luxe Brand social media pages in each photo and caption that feature our shoelaces.
  • Any additional discounts outside of the wholesale discounts assigned to you cannot be applied to your purchases.

Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in termination of the Benefits from the Bespoke Partnership


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Handmade, Genuine, Italian Lambskin Leather, with real gold and silver plated aglets.


Handmade, Genuine, Italian Lambskin Leather, with real gold and silver plated aglets.



Handmade, High quality Eco leather, with nickel plated aglets.

*not recomended for use involving high impact sports

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Low top shoes

* only Eco Collection


* only Eco Collection


* only Eco Collection

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