The story of Ryan Mason and Luxe Brand

It was my biggest dream to play football for a major Division I college. That very dream came alive and shattered right before my very eyes. I did the work. I committed the effort. I ranked in the country's top 3% in drills at the Nike Combine. I broke state records for single game, season, and career tackles. I performed every single night for four years. I took official visits to major Division I schools, only to be rejected based on the one factor I could not control; my height. However, all hope was not lost and I was able to accept a full scholarship to the University of North Alabama. Accepting this Division II football scholarship was everything I didn't expect, but exactly what I needed. Two weeks before my starting debut as a freshman, I suffered a grueling high ankle sprain and bruising.  Needless to say, that cost me half of the season, and the other half I spent fighting to get back on the field. The sweaty summers, nagging injuries, and demanding schoolwork caused me to look at my life through another lens. It was then that I confided to my family concerning the biggest decision of my life; leaving the football field. 

I stepped into a world unknown, life without athleticism, and I quickly realized college tuition was my largest bill. I began seeking internships and support funding, only to be endowed another full scholarship. In two weeks, I walked from one full scholarship to the next, and that was only the beginning. My support system was overwhelmingly empathetic in my transition off the field and into the business world. My business professors and UNA at large were instrumental in assisting me to create the most dynamic, life-changing revolution in the shoe industry; Luxe Brand Luxury Shoelaces. 

Luxe Brand Luxury Leather shoelaces are a high-quality innovative solution to accessorize footwear.  Our color combinations compliment the shoe and the lifestyle of the owner. The Italian leather lace accented with gold, silver, and nickel plated aglets (tips) connects our expertise with their individuality. This company emerged from a timely discovery of an untapped niche market in the fashion industry and has since gained much traction from inception. 

Luxe Brand quickly soared to competitive heights in the Shoals Idea Audition and the Shoals Alabama Launchpad; winning the competitions, gaining notoriety, and benefitting financially. Luxe Brand withstood over 100 participants and panels of renowned judges to claim multiple victories in numerous ways. The explosive growth of the name and brand magnified tremendously from here. The momentum of uncontested wins and increases in sales has taken Luxe Brand to new levels. Media coverage of Luxe Brand has spanned from local new stations to the NFL Network. Pop culture has progressively adopted the laces with legendary actors, notable collegiate and professional athletes, along with rappers endorsing and sporting their laces.  

Size Chart
Inches # Eyelets
36 3-4 Extra Low Top Shoes
45 5-6 Low Top Shoes
54 7-8 Mid Top Shoes
63 9-10 High Top Shoes