"Roar Lions" Laces

Roar Lions Laces

From the urban sneakerhead to the true classic man, Luxe laces exudes effortless style. A combination of immaculate craftsmanship and the finest animal skins leave no room for uncertainty. Crafted in beautifully soft and supple lambskin, these shoelaces offer the most for every occasion. The patent choice for stylish functionality, each lace bears the trademark of all-around usability, expressed with a distinct selection of luxurious colors allowing you to jump from style connoisseur to urban adventurer within seconds. 


High-Quality Lambskin Leather
Slim and Flexible Design
Extremely Durable
Metallic Finish

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    Size Chart
    Inches # Eyelets
    36 3-4 Extra Low Top Shoes
    45 5-6 Low Top Shoes
    54 7-8 Mid Top Shoes
    63 9-10 High Top Shoes