Leather Care

Steps to Cleaning and Conditioning your LUXE BRAND Laces

  1. With a soft bristle brush, remove the dust and dirt from the shoelaces.
  2. Wet a light colored rag or sponge and add a small amount of soap. Work on one section of the leather at a time, rubbing the soap into the leather until it lathers. The goal is to remove any dirt from within the pores of the leather.
  3. Wipe the lather off with a damp rag or sponge. Repeat this process
  4. Once you have cleaned the entire article, let it dry completely.
  5. Apply a little leather oil to a light colored rag and wipe it onto the leather in a small circular motion. Do not apply too much oil. The leather should "drink up" the oil and any excess will be left on the surface.
  6. Wipe the excess off with a clean rag. Excess oil left on the article will attract dirt.
Size Chart
Inches # Eyelets
36 3-4 Extra Low Top Shoes
45 5-6 Low Top Shoes
54 7-8 Mid Top Shoes
63 9-10 High Top Shoes